How to sign up for an Additional Mailbox

Additional E-Mail boxes are only available to customers of The Blue Moon Internet Corp.

If you have a telnet program you can use it to connect to to get to the new user registration program. If not, you can use a regular modem communication program to dial 517-6000 , By "regular" modem communications program we mean a program like HyperTerm from any version of Windows, Zterm for Macintosh, JRComm for Amiga. A regular modem communications program usually will NOT make a PPP or SLIP connection needed to use programs like Netscape or Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Telnet programs for use through PPP connections can be found at our FTP site.

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

 Welcome to the Blue Moon - Unauthorized Use Strictly Prohibited!

login: new

And then press enter

Follow the instructions that come up on the screen at this point.
When you reach the question concerning acct type, input

Email acct

When you reach the question concerning Current E-Mail Address, make sure
you input the bluemoon account holders mail account.  Ex. 

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