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Setting Up Outlook Express for E-mail

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To set up Microsoft's Outlook Express for E-Mail do the following.

Start Outlook Express
Go to Tools then to Accounts
Go to the Mail Tab

Click on Add then Mail

Put your name in the Display Name blank and click Next.
(Note: This can be anything you would like it to be and can be MiXeD CaSe)

You will be prompted for your E-mail Address.
Enter this and click on Next.  
(Note: It should be in the format of - NO CAPS)

We run a POP3 server.  Make sure this option is showing on this window.  

For both the incoming and outgoing mail servers enter  Click Next.

You should have log on POP account name checked.  

Enter your logon name and password in the places provided.
(Note: this is JUST your username, do not put after it 0-)
Click Next.

Click Finish on the "You Have Successfully Completed..." 

Click on Tools and then Accounts, click on the Mail tab at the top and you should 
see the account you just set up.  Click on Properties, then click on the Connection 
tab at the top.  Put a check in the box that says "Always Connect to this account 
using" and you should see your Blue Moon connection in the space there.  Click on 
Apply, then click on OK.  Click the word Close in the bottom right-hand corner.  

Close Outlook Express and then go back into it you are now set up to read your mail.


You may find that when you are using Outlook Express after set-up that you may
not be able to view attachments that others send to you.  This is due to a default
security setting that Outlook Express has.  

In order to access your attachments please do the following:

Start Outlook Express (your mail program)

When the program opens go to Tools at the top and click on it

Click on Options in the list that will come up.

Click on the Security tab at the top of the window that will open on your screen.

UNCHECK the box that says "Remove Access to Attachments"

Click on Apply, then click on OK and then close Outlook Express.

Go back into your mail and you should now be able to view the attachments in question.

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If you run into any problems utilizing this setup page or wish to notify us about an upgrade to Internet Explorer Drop us e-mail and we will correct/update this page.

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