How to Change Your Password

If you have a telnet program you can use it to connect to to get to your shell account. If not, you can use a regular modem dialup communication program. By "regular" modem communications program we mean a program like HyperTerm in Windows (Programs->Accessories->Communications), Zterm for Macintosh, JRComm for Amiga. A regular modem communications program usually will NOT make a PPP or SLIP connection needed to use programs like Netscape or Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Many versions of windows include a Dos "telnet" command which can be used.

Those of you who use a regular dialup communications program (terminal program) will have to type "internet" at the "host:" prompt after connecting with your modem. Telnet programs for use through PPP connections can be found at our FTP site.

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
login: yourlogin

     Welcome to Blue Moon Internet's Shell Account Service

          qDialup Servers - 517-6000: V.90/K56Flex 56K

For Subscription Info type 'fees', email 'info' or call 716-876-6398

Type 'help' at any command prompt for the most common commands.

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type: news  from the command prompt, any outages will be posted there.

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         -=-  USE THE "tos" command from any system prompt  -=-

Bluemoon 1>

Type "passwd yourlogin" (without the "" quotation marks and substitute your login name for "yourlogin")

We'll use the login name "test" in our example:

Bluemoon 1>passwd test
Changing local password for test.

You are then asked for your present password. Type it in. You won't see it echo, this is a security feature.

Old password:

If the old password was entered correctly it will then ask for the new one which must be typed in identically twice in row to make sure it wasn't typoed:

Enter your new password.
Re-enter new password:
passwd: updating the database...
passwd: done
Bluemoon 2>

After the prompt has returned your password will have been changed.

  • Your password must be from 5 to 20 characters long and is CaSe SeNsItIvE

  • You will ALSO have to change any e-mail configurations to use your new password.

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