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HTML Syntax

Here is a quick guide to HTML and what some of the syntax and definitions mean.

Definitions you should know:

World Wide Web - If you see this, you are on it :)
Hyper Text Markup Language is the language we use to create web pages.
Hyper Text Transfer Protocal is the transfer of a web page from one server to another.
Uniform Resource Locator is a fancy way of the computer saying look in this spot for the information that I need to see this web page.

If you are a code-only author, you will find this page useful. To start off, your page should start out like this:

<TITLE>Your title goes here</TITLE>
This is where the content of your home page goes. Just about anything you want can go in here.

HTML syntax is not case sensitive, but I use upper case letters so I can find my syntax easier when I need to correct something

The following is a list of syntax and what they do. This will not include all syntax, but it will get you going.

We will start out with some different text modes:

puts text in BOLD type
puts text in ITALIC type
puts text in a STRONG emphasis
makes text BLINK
puts your text in typewriter text style
Underlines your text (at least it is suppose to according to every book I viewed so far!)

Now for some other commands:

is a paragraph break
is a line break
centers your text
<A HREF="">
means you can add links to your page with a proper HTML address for instance, If I put <A HREF="">Sysop's home page</A> on a web page, I will get a link to my home page by clicking the "Sysop's home page" as shown here. Sysop's home page
  • lists
  • items
  • as
  • you
  • see
  • here
      but with indentation

  • Lets talk about adding some color to your text now.

    In the <BODY> section of your WEB page we are going to add color.
    Type <BODY TEXT="FF0000>
    all the text on your web page is now red.

    You can change the background color to white adding BGCOLOR="#000000" in the same line as your <BODY TEXT="FF0000> like this:
    <BODY TEXT="FF0000 BGCOLOR="#000000">

    Color codes are written in HEX format. Where F is the hightest value and 0 is the lowest value. The first two FF's are red, second two FF's are green and the last two FF's are blue.
    You're best bet would be to experiment with different colors or use a program like Paint Shop Pro and convert the "number" of the color to Hexidecimal"

    We will be adding more things here but for now, you can start off with basic html. Look back in a few days for information about color and graphics and more!

    You can get live help in #HTML on IRC through EFnet also.

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