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Setting Up A Windows 2000 Computer

Unlike Windows 95/98/NT you do not have to install Dialup Networking seperately. 
It is a default feature of Windows 2000. To set up a dialup connection: 

Part 1: Setting Up a Connection 

   1.Click the Start button , select Settings and then Control Panel. 

   2.Inside the Control Panel windows double click on the Network and 
     Dialup Connections icon.

   3.Double click the Make New Connection icon.

   4.A welcome screen appears, click Next. 

   5.The Network Connection Type window appears. Select Dial-up to the 
     Internet and then click Next.

   6.The Welcome to the Internet Connection Wizard appears. Select I want 
     to set up my Internet connection manually and click Next.

   7.Now select I connect through a phone line and a modem and then click Next.

   8.Now you will be asked for information about the location you are dialing . 
     Put 716 in the area code. Type in the entire phone number, 5176000
     Also make sure that Use area code and dialing rules is checked and then 
     click Next

   9.Now enter your Blue Moon Log-in name into the User name box and your Blue Moon
     password into the Password box and click Next.

   10.Now type in a name for your connection (this name can be anything that you want 
      i.e. Blue Moon) and click the Next button

   11.You will then be asked if you want to set up an email account, select NO 
      and click Next.

   12.The last window of the wizard appears. You are not ready to connect yet so 
      do not select the checkbox besides To connect to the internet... 
      Click the Finish button to close it. 

Part 2: Configuring Dial Up Networking Settings

   1.You should now have a new icon inside the Network and Dial-up connections window.

   2.Right-click on the new connection icon that you just created and select properties. 

   3.The dialing properties windows appears. On the top of the window you will see 
     5 different tabs General , Options, Security, Networking, and Sharing. 

   4.The first tab is the General tab, that window will not need any changes. 

   5.Click on the Options tab. Make sure that the options you choose are only the 
     ones below:

     - Place a check besides Display progress while connecting and Prompt 
       for name and password, certificate, etc. 

   6.Click on the Security tab. Make sure that the options you choose are the 

     - Only select Typical (recommended settings) 

   7.Click on the Networking tab. 
          Under Type of dial-up server I am calling select PPP: Windows95/98/NT/2000, 

          Under Components checked are used by this connection: Only check the 
          box next to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) 

   8.Now click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) once to highlight it and then click 
     the properties button.

   9.The TCP/IP Properties window appears. 
     Select Obtain IP address automatically. 
     Select Obtain DNS server address automatically
     Then Click OK

   10.Now click OK on the properties window. 

   11.You are now ready to connect. Double-click on the connection icon inside 
      the Network and Dial-up Connections folder.
      A new window appears. 

   12.Click the Dial button to connect. Once it connects you can use the web 
      or check your email.

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