Connecting Windows 7 and Vista to Blue Moon

Windows 7 and Vista have an Internet Connection Wizard, that asks you to fill in the details of how you will use Blue Moon to connect to the Internet.

Here's what you, need to set up your dialup Internet connection:

Your username, password, and access phone number. Your computer will need a dialup modem and most new PCs include one.

Connect a standard phone cable between the modem jack (the computer's jack may say Line, not Phone or may have both, in which case we want "Line.") and the phone jack in your wall.

If you don't know whether or not your PC already has a dialup modem, look for a telephone jack on the back of your computer, near where all the cables connect to it. Some computers come with an Ethernet jack, which looks like a fat phone jack, that's not the one we're interested in. The phone cable plug should take up all the space in the modem jack, if not then it's in the wrong one. If you don't have a dialup modem, you can buy one that plugs into your computer's expansion slots or a USB port, giving you a jack to plug into your phone line. They are very affordable, usually between $10 and $20.

The Internet Connection Wizard

The first time you set up your Blue Moon Connection or whenever your Internet connection gives you login problems, run through the following steps. The Internet Connection Wizard walks you through each step or your current settings, letting you make changes. Summon the Wizard by following these steps:

Your "Connect to the Internet" Wizard window should look something like this one.

In the future, connect to the Internet by simply loading Internet Explorer. Your PC automatically dials the Internet using the Blue Moon connection you've created here. If you have problems or need more help, you can always give us a call at 716-876-6398

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